Genshin Impact: How To Get Fischl

Because of her immense combat prowess, Fischl, an eyepatch-wearing and raven-rearing adventurer from Mondstadt, has been referred to as an SS-tier character. In addition to her intimate knowledge of the world’s workings, she has a mysterious persona when interacting with others. She has been quite popular among Genshin Impact players since her release.

Be prepared for a long ride if you want to learn how to obtain Fischl in Genshin Impact. You’ll also find out how to build her in this article. In addition, we will answer some of your burning questions.

Genshin Impact’s Fischl Overview

Fischl’s character is extremely eccentric and full of surprises for anyone who gets to know her. Her night raven, Oz, must translate for her since she speaks in a noble manner. Despite her roleplaying streak, she remains a well-behaved woman at heart.

In her persona as a princess, she claims to be from beyond Teyvyat, which always confuses those who don’t know her very well. These same people are all the more confused if she breaks character. Due to her persona, few are willing to play along with her or befriend her.

She has a variety of wild theories about how Teyvyat works. It has allowed her to climb the ranks of the Adventurer’s Guild because she often takes Oz along to prove her theories. She doesn’t dismiss her theories immediately, even if people think she’s strange.

In combat, Fischl wields a high-precision bow as an Electro archer. In addition to her ability to strike at the opponent, her night raven occasionally also participates in the attack. She can harass enemies from afar and deal immense amounts of damage simultaneously as an archer.

Fischl is highly experienced and can hold her own in battle. It’s for this reason that she’s respected in the Adventurer’s Guild.

Best Fischl Builds

The Genshin Impact community has found Fischl to be highly suitable for the support role after extensive experimentation. The right builds can also make her the primary damage per second (DPS) character. Oz is part of her move-set and contributes to a lot of her damage output.

Support Build

Oz is an excellent Electro spreader and can regenerate energy for the team. As Fischl and Oz gain damage boosts, teammates will receive energy, allowing them to continue attacking.

You need to equip her with the Skyward Harp for her support build. The weapon grants her 20% more critical damage, and these hits have a 60% chance of becoming area of effect attacks (AOEs). These AOE attacks deal 125% of her physical attack damage every four seconds.

Substitutes that are reliable include:

  • Hunter of the alleys
  • An elegy for the end
  • It’s the stringless
  • The Faunous Warbow

You can use these substitutes until you obtain a Skyward Harp. Alternatively, you can experiment with them.

You can equip her with either a two-piece or four-piece set of Thundering Fury artifacts. As a result of the former, she is able to deal 15% more Electro damage. In addition to the increased superconductor damage, three of these triggers reduce the cooldown of her Elemental Burst by a second.

There is only one activation of this effect every 0.8 seconds.

Another artifact set she can receive is Gladiator’s Finale. Fischl’s attack damage increases by 18% in two-piece sets. She doesn’t qualify for any special bonuses with a four-piece set, so we don’t recommend it.

DPS Build

Fischl’s DPS build works well with a Cryo character. By combining both attacks, you can increase your damage by inflicting Physical debuffs on your enemies. With the help of a well-built team, you can maximize Oz’s damage output by keeping her out of combat as long as possible.

The Skyward Harp is also her weapon of choice as a DPS character. Even for DPS-built Fischls, the same advantages apply, which is why it remains the best choice.

There are several substitutes, including:

  • The rust
  • Hunt for the Viridescent
  • Bow of Amos

A five-star weapon like the Skyward Harp is quite difficult to obtain, especially for lower-level players. She can still deal a lot of damage to her enemies with these three replacements.

Two Gladiator’s Finale artifacts and two Thundering Fury artifacts are best for this DPS build. Her hybrid artifact set allows her to maximize normal and electro attack damage.

Sub-DPS Build

Fischl can still be your main DPS fighter if you prefer to have another character on your team. The build needs to be different, and you’ll find yourself wiping out legions of enemies. In the future, consider making her a sub-DPS as well.

The sub-DPS build includes a Skyward Harp and four Thundering Fury artifacts. By dealing extra damage, Oz will contribute to the combat effort.

The Stringless and Favonius Warbow are two substitute weapons. While you wait for your Skyward Harp, you can still put up a decent fight.

Substitute Equipment

Consider these replacement weapons if you can’t afford the best equipment:

  • ‘Stringless’
  • The rust
  • Warbow of Favonius

It can be difficult to find Thundering Fury, so consider these other artifacts as well:

  • Flame of Paleness
  • Finale of Gladiator
  • An avid gambler

Now that you’ve made it this far, Fischl will make a great addition to your team. Few enemies can survive her relentless barrage of arrows and night raven attacks with the proper builds.

Getting Fischl for Free in the Unreconciled Stars Event

In 2020, there was an event called Unreconciled Stars. When you completed this event, you received a free copy of Fischl. It had, however, been a long time since the event ended. We’ll walk you through the event for posterity.

Unreconciled Stars Event Details

During this event, four phases were released a few days apart. They were as follows:

  • Star of unknown origin
  • The star of deceitful dreams
  • Destiny’s Star
  • The alignment of ancient stars

You could also complete Meteoric Wave Event Quests between event waves. You can start playing right away if you choose one of them. Besides these, there was the Fallen Star Challenge and the Meteorite Remains Salvage Challenge.

As part of the first challenge, you were required to defeat enemies and submit the energy gained from them while standing still. It involved finding Mona and salvaging four meteorites, and you could replay it as many times as you like.

After these waves of events, Fischl would be unlocked for free. Three requirements had to be met:

  • The “Star of Destiny” quest must be completed
  • Participate in the Meteorite Remains Salvage Challenge and accumulate completions
  • Complete the Fallen Star Challenge

By opening the relevant menu, you could see your progress at any time. As a result of keeping track of your requirements and working hard, you eventually earned Fischl.

Obtaining Fischl Today

Since the Unreconciled Stars Event ended, there haven’t been any free Fischl events. You can still get here at a higher price, however.

Using your Wishes is the first method. With the Wanderlust Invocation, you can gamble for a chance to get her with your Wishes. Every tenth wish will reward you with a four-star character or item. Fischl might be available this way if you’re lucky.

Wanderlust Invocation rewards do not include Event Exclusive characters. Separately, you must purchase them.

Fischl is always available in Event Wishes. Including the most recent one on June 9, 2021, she has appeared in four of them. During these events, 50% of your four-star drops are one of three four-star characters. You have a 33% chance of obtaining a four-star character.

Wishes is an excellent way to maximize her constellation. You can spend your Wishes here to get her since there is no limit on how many copies you can get.

Fischl can also be obtained by waiting for Paimon’s Bargains. You can purchase one copy for 34 Masterless Glitter if she shows up. All other four-star characters cost the same. You won’t be able to buy another copy until Paimon returns.

Then you’ll have to wait again if Fischl doesn’t appear in Paimon’s Bargains.

Additional FAQs

Can you still get Fischl?

Even after Unreconciled Stars ends, you can still get her. There is no need to spend your Wishes or Masterless Glitter. While she isn’t accessible right now, she isn’t completely inaccessible either.

Is Fischl good in Genshin Impact?

Fischl can show her true potential if you invest time and resources in her. You can use her as a support or as your main DPS.

Time to Roll Some Wishes

As you know more about Fischl and how to get her in Genshin Impact, you can plan ahead on how to build her. You’ll likely increase your combat ratings with her on your team. We rejoice with you if you score a lucky drop!

Are events like Unreconciled Star beneficial to the game? What is your preferred way to use Fischl? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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