How The Snapchat Score Is Calculated in 2023

Snap has mastered the art of getting its users to interact more. Snapchat has gamified its app by incorporating the Snapchat score, a mysterious number that indicates your level of activity on the social media site. Snapchat, however, does not disclose how the score is calculated.

The Snapchat FAQ refers to this score as a “super secret special equation.” Apparently, it involves the number of snaps you have sent and received. However, they also mention “a couple of other factors.” Basically, you can rest assured that being active on the app will likely help your score, but we cannot know precisely how.

Understanding the Snapscore

Tech blogs and third-party sites have attempted to troubleshoot these scores in order to determine how Snapchat activity affects them. In many cases, they have been able to identify some common elements. However, these findings are never confirmed by app developers. Please consider this food for thought.

  • Snapchat has already confirmed that snaps sent and received are included in the score.
  • How many people have you added as followers? What is the number of friends you have?
  • Snap Frequency – How often do you use Snap?
  • SnapStreaks can last for several consecutive days if you send and receive snaps from friends.
  • What is the frequency at which you post stories?
  • Getting Bonus Points for Coming Back – Many sources suggest that when you use the app again after not using it for a while, you will receive a bonus point boost.

Basically, use the Snapchat app, use it often, and take advantage of its many features. By following these steps, you will be able to maintain a healthy Snapchat score.

How to Find Your Snapchat Score

In order to compare your Snapchat score with your friends, how do you determine it? Do their scores exceed yours? Finding your Snapchat score is easier than you might think.

  1. If you do not have a Bitmoji icon, tap the circle in the upper left-hand corner of your profile screen.

  2. Under your Snapcode image, you will find your Display Name. For more information, please refer to the information below. Your Snapchat Score is the number between your username and zodiac sign.

  3. Click on “Snapchat Score” to reveal two additional numbers. You have sent and received the following number of snaps.

Do not calculate the number of snaps sent and received. It will not affect your score in any meaningful manner.

How to Find Your Friend’s Snapscore

Once you have determined your SnapScore, how do you find out what your friends’ SnapScore is? Do they have more points than you do? Snapchat does not provide a leaderboard where you can view users with the highest volume. In order to view scores individually, you must view the profiles of your friends.

  1. You can open a chat window by “swiping right” from the “camera” screen.
  2. Locate the user who needs to be contacted.
  3. The “user profile icon” opens a page showing the user’s display name, username, and score.

Snapscore FAQs

Why can’t I see my friends’ Snapscore?

You know how important the Snapscore is if you are an avid Snapchat user. In addition to your friend emojis and receiving quick responses to your Snaps, maintaining and growing your friend list is equally important.

You will not be able to see a friend’s Snapscore if they have not added you to their friend list or if they have deleted you from their friend list. You will only be able to see the Snapscores of your mutual friends, which means that the user has also friended you.

You may wish to send the user a message on Snapchat or use an external social media site to ask if they will add you.

I’ve spent a lot of time snapping groups, but my score isn’t going up. What’s happening?

In spite of Snapchat’s developers not confirming it, it is generally believed that hanging out in groups on Snapchat will not increase your Snapscore.

Unfortunately, groups are not a good way to increase your Snapscore quickly.

How can I increase my Snapscore?

Adding friends and sending one-on-one Snaps are the best ways to increase your Snapscore. You can make a deal with a friend who is trying to accomplish the same goal as you to share Snaps often if you are dedicated.

Additionally, you may receive a Snap Streak, which results in new emojis as a sign of true Snapchat friendship.

Can my Snapscore go down?

Snapscores do not go down technically, but only up. Therefore, you should not lose any points in this scenario. Occasionally, glitches are reported where users’ Snapscores have decreased. In the event that your score drops, you may wish to contact someone for assistance using the “Report a problem” link in Snapchat.

Why isn’t my Snapscore going up?

Unless you are performing the appropriate behaviors (snapping individuals, adding friends, etc.) to increase your Snapscore, your Snapscore will not increase. It is possible, however, for errors to occur. The best course of action is to ensure that your app is up to date. The app should be closed and reopened, then Snapchat support should be contacted.

Raising Your Snapscore

As a final note, your Snapchat score will not unlock special Snapchat features. People will not be able to find and follow you more easily if they do this. Technically, it does not perform any function. However, you can brag about your trophies to your friends.

When it comes to security and safety, beware of websites that attempt to trick you into believing they can artificially boost your score by charging you a fee. It is not worth the trouble of finding out the hard way that they cannot perform as they claim.

Make new friends, snap a lot, and admire your online achievements. In no time at all, you will be on your way to a higher Snapscore!

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