How To Add A Ringtone To IPhone Without ITunes

If you have an iPhone, but don’t have iTunes, you may find it difficult to set your ringtones to match your personality. Apple doesn’t offer preset songs, but you can add your favorite song. It’s unfortunate that Apple has made it impossible to use any other music player for ringtones.

You can also take this tip from this article and add a ringtone to your iPhone without using iTunes.

How to Add a Ringtone to iPhone Without iTunes

What You’ll Need

First we’ll discuss the basics. You’ll need to add a ringtone first and then sync your Amazon account. The best ringtone is the one you want to have set as your ringtone. It needs to be downloaded onto your phone and saved into your iPhone Music Library. You can also import and save the song in your Apple Files.

Before you start, do this. Otherwise, the rest of these steps won’t work. You’ll need GarageBand on your iOS device to create these fun sound effects. Garageband is an app that is designed for use on Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers, and allows users to create podcasts and music files. You can download it from the app store if you don’t have it. You’ll start by adding your selected song to your device and installing the Garageband app.

How To Add A Ringtone To IPhone Without ITunes
How To Add A Ringtone To IPhone Without ITunes

It’s easiest to use iTunes to create a ringtone by having your computer or smartphone set to use a specific song instead of your default playlist.

Creating Your New Ringtone on Your iPhone

  • Launch the GarageBand app. Next, open the Tracks section, and then scroll to the Drums tab. Tap on Smart Drums, and then select View. This button is represented by three dots, which are separated by long and short horizontal lines.
  • Next, you’ll need to click on the Loop icon at the top of the screen.
  • This button allows you to browse for your song. Find the Files tab, select the file you want to use, and then click the play button to start. 1. Field of the Invention The invention relates to a digital filter circuit that processes an input signal.
  • Once you have found the song, press it down for a few seconds, and it will begin downloading to your Amazon Music account.
  • To see all the songs in your playlists and albums, tap or click Browse, then select a playlist. You can also tap or click Browse to select albums.
  • You can press the Play button to skip to the part you’d like your song to play when your phone rings. At the top of the editing screen, you will see what looks like a ruler with a vertical slider pin attached to it.
  • This video will automatically play at a point on this page where the artist sings the song “I’m Not Gonna Miss You. Once you have chosen the name of your song, double-click it to hear it.
  • There are many different options that will pop up. You can pick the split that best suits your song, and then use the scissors to cut it in half.
  • Now, you can easily remove the portions of the song that you want to delete. You’ll see a menu that says Remove. Press it to get rid of it. Tap the downward-facing arrow in the top left corner of the screen.
  • From the Menu, choose My Songs. Tap and hold down on the music project and then choose Share. From the menu, choose Ringtone followed by Continue.
  • After that, press Import Ringtone. This will load your new ringtone into the phone’s memory. Then comes up a notification option that allows you to set the sound as your ringtone. Click that and choose from the list of songs or contacts.
  • Alternatively, tap OK to save the ringtone so you can set it yourself manually at a later stage. When you export the song from GarageBand it automatically shortens the song to a length of 30 seconds.
  • This would mean that we would need to cut out approximately half of the song, which is a significant amount. Repeating step 5 to 7 lets you create the segment you want. This gives you the ability to create a targeted audience.

Setting Your Custom Song as a Ringtone on Your iPhone Without using iTunes

Open the Music app, and select the Ringtone tab on the top right.

Select Sounds & Haptics, and then choose Ringtone.

A list of all the ringtones will appear on your phone.

There are several ringtones in this list, all of which were just downloaded for you. You’ll have to use iTunes to choose one of them for your new ringtone.

Tap this song to set it as your ringtone.

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