How To Change Condition Of Shoe On StockX

StockX is a great place to try if you want to sell a pair of sneakers at home. Every pair they receive is carefully examined and authenticated by the company.

It follows that sellers must inspect the shoes before sending them. Since StockX only accepts deadstock shoes, your description of the shoe condition must be accurate.

StockX requires perfect products if you plan to sell them. This article explains what that means and what to expect if you don’t follow StockX’s guidelines.

StockX Rules Regarding Shoe Condition

StockX only accepts deadstock shoes. However, depending on who you ask, it can be a bit of a loose term.

It is for this reason that StockX interprets it in their own way. A deadstock pair of sneakers is brand new and has never been worn before, according to StockX. There are many fake high-end sneakers being sold online, so it’s all about authenticity.

There are usually additional items included with deadstock shoes. The first thing that comes to mind is shoelaces. The original packaging must still be present. If the shoes are already laced up, StockX will accept them as long as they don’t show signs of wear.

It is acceptable to have minor discolorations that are entirely uncontrollable. Deadstock sneakers that are over five years old and show signs of aging are especially acceptable.

Deadstock sneakers must be packaged in their original boxes. If you find a shoebox from the same manufacturer, it must match the size and model of the shoe you’re selling.

StockX will reject shoes with tears and more significant signs of damage. The shoebox can have small dents, but tears and more significant signs of damage will result in the shoes being rejected as a whole.

If You Break the Rules

Your shoes must be absolutely flawless before you sell them on StockX. Since you’re using StockX to sell them, that’s implied.

StockX’s deadstock sneakers rule may not be taken seriously by everyone, and they may attempt to send them used shoes instead.

Despite the astronomical shipping fees involved with returns, they still happen. You can package your sneakers according to StockX guidelines, but if they don’t meet their standards, they’ll be rejected.

Could sending a pair of sneakers that aren’t deadstock have any repercussions? When you send them a pair of used shoes, StockX claims they may charge a 15% service fee.

StockX is not legally obligated to send back an item that doesn’t comply with their rules. They might even call the authorities if people try to send counterfeit sneakers through their website.

Users who do not ship their shoes on time or do not package them properly can also be penalized by StockX. The buyer will benefit from all of these measures since they will speed up delivery.

B-Grade Shoes on StockX

The StockX website also offers a small selection of B-grade sneakers. StockX has nothing to do with counterfeit or second-hand goods.

As a result, they only release a few pairs of sneakers through outlet stores. Since they were purchased in an outlet by the seller, they are classified as B-grade sneakers, just like the other high-end sneakers on the website.

They are often cheaper than doppelgangers purchased in retail stores, and the price matches the classification.

Make sure you type in the B-grade classification in the search bar if you’re selling a B-grade sneaker on StockX. Before proceeding, StockX will ask you to confirm your selection.

Only the Best from StockX

StockX only allows deadstock shoes on their website, so there is no need to describe the condition of the shoe. StockX only cares that sellers understand what deadstock means. You shouldn’t sell used shoes on StockX if they have been worn previously. When you have a pair of shoes purchased from an official outlet, you can browse the site to see if they have them in their limited edition B-grade collection.

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