How To Clean Glass Shower Doors

We all want to keep our homes looking their best. But sometimes, the task of cleaning can seem overwhelming. There are so many different types of surfaces to clean, and we often don’t know where to start. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

A clean bathroom is an essential part of a great home. Not only does it make your bathroom look great, but it also makes it easier to maintain. Clean glass shower doors are a great way to make sure your bathroom stays clean and looking good. In this post, we’ll show you how to clean your shower door using the right tools and techniques.

How To Clean Glass Shower Doors
How To Clean Glass Shower Doors

This post provides you with all the information you need to know about cleaning glass shower doors. You’ll learn how to clean them properly, how to choose the right products, and more.

Why we use glass shower doors?

We’re talking about a new trend now, many people now prefer to have a glass shower door instead of plastic ones.

Here are few reasons why people choose this:

1) More natural: When you look at the water, it reflects back to the eyes. So it gives a more beautiful view and feeling when you have a glass shower door installed.

2) No plastic, no chemicals: Glass shower doors are completely free of plastic. No chemicals or harmful substances are released into the air.

3) Better hygiene: A glass shower door helps to prevent bacteria and viruses from spreading and getting into your shower. It also keeps the shower environment hygienic and healthy.

4) Less maintenance: A glass shower door does not need to be painted or repainted like plastic shower doors. Glass shower doors also do not require regular maintenance.

5) Cleaner: Glass is a better alternative than plastic as it is non-toxic and non-hazardous. Plastic can contain chemicals like PVC which is known to be hazardous.

6) Easier to clean: A glass shower door can be cleaned with soap and water. It is easier to wipe off than the plastic shower doors.

7) More durable: Glass shower doors are stronger than plastic. They do not chip, crack or break easily.

8) Environmentally friendly: Glass is a more sustainable alternative to plastic. Plastic can cause harm to the environment because it cannot be recycled.

9) Looks elegant: Glass shower doors give a modern and classy look. Glass shower doors can be fitted in almost any bathroom and are very popular.

10) Safer: Glass shower doors are a safer alternative than the plastic ones. Unlike the plastic shower doors which can be easily broken, glass doors are less prone to being damaged.

11) Efficient: Glass shower doors are more efficient than plastic ones. Glass shower doors are heat-resistant and can keep your bathroom cool and save energy.

12) Lower cost: Glass shower doors are cheaper than the plastic ones.

13) Easy installation: A glass shower door can be installed easily. You can order online and have it installed at home.

How To Clean Glass Shower Doors?

Step 1: Clean the glass shower door thoroughly.

Using soap and water will help remove soap scum and other built up residue that’s been sitting there for years.

Step 2: Wipe the glass with a soft towel.

A clean towel is the best tool to use for this job because you will be wiping off the soap scum and other residue.

Step 3: Use a glass cleaner to clean the shower.

Make sure you test it on a hidden section first, as cleaners can burn.

Step 4: Rinse thoroughly.

Rinse your shower thoroughly to ensure that no soap remains.

Step 5: Dry the glass shower door.

Using a dry towel is important, as is leaving the glass shower door open to allow air circulation to dry it out.

Step 6: Apply a clear glass protector.

Some shower doors will have a clear protective layer already, however it is always a good idea to apply one, especially if your shower is located in a bathroom.

Step 7: Leave the glass shower door for at least a few hours.

Don’t leave it overnight because it could crack, so allow a few hours for it to dry before using the shower again.

Types of cleaning materials available to clean glass shower

Baking Soda

This is a common cleaning material that has a mild cleaning property. It is an odorless and non-toxic material. It is also very cheap.

White Vinegar

It is a common material that has a good cleaning power. It has a pungent smell. It is effective in removing soap scum and lime scale.

Hydrogen Peroxide

It is also a common cleaning material that has a cleaning power. It is an oxidizing agent. It is also effective in removing lime scale and soap scum.

Lemon Juice

It has a cleaning power but it is not as effective as the other two. It is a strong acid that will destroy the enamel of the shower.

Almond Oil

It is an oily material that can be used for cleaning of shower. It is a non-toxic material.

Soy Sauce

It is a common material that has a cleaning power. It is effective in removing lime scale and soap scum.

Effective Tips To Clean Glass Shower

Showering is one of the most relaxing and soothing activities that we do. If you spend some time in the shower, then it will refresh your body and mind. But when we spend some time in the shower, the dirt and dust stuck in the walls of the shower and the shower head will affect the hygiene of your body. So, before taking a shower, it is important to clean the glass shower thoroughly.

1. Use a sponge to wipe the glass

The most common way to clean the glass shower is using a sponge. It will absorb the dirt from the wall and it will be cleaned very easily.

2. Wash the glass using warm water

When we use the sponge, it will make some kind of scratch on the glass, but if you use warm water, then it will not make any scratch.

3. Use soap

Use soap while cleaning the shower head. It will make the dirt and dust stick to the shower head and it will be cleaned easily.

4. Clean the tiles

You can also clean the tiles in the bathroom, it will make the tile shine and it will also make the shower head clean.

5. Use vinegar

The vinegar is the best way to clean the glass shower. Soak the cotton ball in vinegar and then wipe the glass. The vinegar will help to clean the tiles and it will also clean the shower head.

6. Clean the door

The door of the bathroom is the most common place where the dirt gets stuck, but you can clean it with a sponge.

7. Wipe the mirror

The mirror is the most attractive part of the bathroom, but when you use the sponge it will make the mirror dirty.

8. Use the towel

If you use the towel to clean the shower, then it will make the towel dirty. So, it is better to use a soft towel to clean the shower.


Glass showers are considered as one of the best and luxurious things in the world. The only problem is that the cleaning of glass showers is a time consuming and expensive thing. So, you have to be careful while cleaning the glass shower as it can be harmful for your health. I have also suggested you some cleaning materials that will help you to remove the soap scum and lime scale without damaging your bathroom. You can use any of these for cleaning your glass shower.

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