How To Get More Coins On TikTok Fast?

Every app or social network seems to have its own virtual currency or has monetized in some way. Like other social networks and apps, TikTok has monetized its app by adding a virtual currency.

There is steady growth in the replacement for With thousands of users joining daily, TikTok has become one of the most popular apps for music lovers.

This tutorial will show you how to get more coins on TikTok if you’re new to it or trying to figure it out.

In this tutorial, you will not learn how to game the system or use hacks to get more items. It will only show you legitimate ways to earn them. In spite of the fact that ‘get rich’ hacks promise instant gratification, they rarely work or pan out in the long run.

You can use the hacks if you don’t mind losing your account. If you’re looking for a long-term commitment, keep reading. This TechJunkie article shows you how to make some extra money on TikTok using ethical methods that won’t get you in trouble.

What is TikTok?

After ended, TikTok took over and moved things forward. On, teens and young people uploaded 15-second videos of themselves lip-syncing to Beyoncé tracks. With TikTok, anyone can upload 15-second videos.

Even if you’re slightly older than a teenager, some of it is creepy and some cringe-worthy.

What are the TikTok Coins?

TikTok Coins are an in-app currency purchased with real money. If you want to say thank you to someone or to show appreciation for their work, you can purchase gifts for them with Coins.

We’ve seen this kind of thing before, like tipping on Twitch. The tip is a way of showing appreciation for what you have seen. For a moment, you feel good about yourself after the broadcaster makes some changes. To a certain extent, TikTok allows you to monetize your fun.

The value of coins varies depending on exchange rates. 100 Coins cost $0.99 USD at the time of writing, and you can buy them in varying amounts up to 10,000 coins.

The system seems to be in flux as, not long ago, you could buy 300 Coins for a dollar and 10,000 for $122. Watch out for what’s happening with Coins now that that’s changed.

How can you use TikTok Coins?

Your TikTok Coins are stored in your Wallet and can only be used within the app once you’ve purchased them. As with most virtual items, they are non-refundable and come with limitations. For once, TikTok’s Terms & Conditions are quite clear and concise.

On TikTok, you can only send gifts to your favorite creators. TikTok is trying to protect its younger audience from scams by prohibiting the sending of these gifts to anyone under 18 (or the adult age in other regions).

After purchasing coins, you can send a gift to another TikTok user. Upon completion of this transaction, the amount will be deducted from your Wallet. Each gift has a different monetary value, which is converted by the recipient into Diamonds. To monetize your TikTok page, you must understand TikTok gifts.

Like Twitch, the system works in a similar way. There are various types and values of gifts you can choose from. You can then tip the streamer based on how much you enjoyed their performance. Tipping makes your name more prominent and increases your chances of getting a shoutout. Streamers are encouraged to perform well, and audiences are encouraged to spend money to gain recognition.

How to buy TikTok Coins

It’s easy to buy TikTok Coins. Follow these instructions to learn how to buy TikTok Coins:

  1. You can access your profile by opening TikTok.

  2. In the top right corner, select the three horizontal lines.

  3. From the pop-up box, select Settings and privacy.

  4. From the menu that appears, select Balance.

  5. Recharge by tapping the button.

  6. Choose the number of coins you wish to purchase.

  7. On the next page, confirm your purchase.

Coins are displayed along with their current value in dollars. Exchange fluctuations affect this, but not significantly. You are taken to the confirmation page after selecting the amount you wish to purchase. In this case, you verify the purchase as you normally would with a card, Touch ID, Samsung Pay, or another method.

The number of Coins you purchased will be added to your TikTok Wallet once purchased. Whenever you want, you can use your Coins as you see fit.

Can You Get ‘Free’ Coins on TikTok?

Especially on a social media site like TikTok, anything “free” may not always be what it seems. It has been stated previously that the company is doing its best to protect users from scams.

Among these scams are those that send gifts in exchange for views and follows, as well as more sinister schemes. You shouldn’t send any currency to anyone you’ve met through the app, no matter what they promise.

In TikTok, there are many websites and applications that promise you free coins. Please be aware that you’re putting your TikTok account and your own security at risk if you visit or interact with any of these promotional applications.

Inputing your TikTok login information on these websites is a great way to have your account stolen. You won’t probably get your account back if you’re willing to take that risk.

TikTok, like many other applications, can also trigger nefarious hacks based on your phone’s IP address. Do you think you’ll just create another account? You’ll get a lifetime ban if your actions violate the community standards (such as hacking).

Other sites require you to download information to your computer or phone. Don’t trust anything you download from the internet. You can also get Malware on your device that way.


How to get TikTok coins?

You can access your profile by clicking here. At the top of the screen, click the settings icon. You can select my wallet from the popup menu that appears. Confirm your purchase by choosing the number of coins you want to buy.

Is there a TikTok wallet for coins?

You have all your TikTok coins deposited in your account wallet.

How much is one TikTok coin?

The cost of a TikTok coin is approximately one cent. However, they can differ from country to country and fluctuate.

How much are 5000 coins on TikTok?

In the US, it costs $66.99 at the moment.

How much is 1000 TikTok coins?

In the US, it costs $26.99 at the moment.

What do TikTok coins do?

TikTok coins are used to tip content creators. A content creator’s live stream converts the coins you purchase into diamonds when you purchase an emoji.

Can you sell TikTok coins?

Sadly, no.

Can you cash out TikTok coins?

It is only possible to withdraw diamonds (coins are converted to diamonds when donated) that have been gifted to you by other users.

How many TikTok coins make a diamond?

A TikTok coin is worth two diamonds.

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