How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Laptop Screen?

If you’re planning to buy a new laptop, the first thing you should know is how much it costs to repair your current laptop. It’s not enough that the average cost of the devices varies depending on hardware and brands. Even if your laptop is still working without any issues, you should consider its replacement cost in order to save money.

Typical costs:

  • In the event that your laptop display needs replacing and you are still within the warranty period, you can have it replaced at the restore center of your defective laptop computer. The laptop manufacturer can replace your display in no time at no cost.
  • It is usually invaluable to have the screen repaired by a manufacturer who is no longer under warranty, and the consumer must pay for the parts, labor, shipping, and pertinent taxes, which account for two thirds of the laptop’s total cost. This process can be part of the company’s plan to spend between $200 and $600 on the process. As an example, Toshiba’s LCD replacement costs $390 per unit.
  • There are many authorized repair shops in the local area that can fix laptop screens, but not all of them have site acquisitions at their repair facilities. A PC screen repair may cost as little as $150 to as much as $300, depending on the parts and labor required

Additional costs:

It is worth noting that there is a site called iFixit for laptop repair for those who know or are interested. There are a variety of authorized dealers as well as online retailers such as Amazon and eBay that often carry parts. It is true that replacement screen parts vary in price, but an complete screen replacement for a job and tools is usually possible for less than $100

It will be necessary to think about some additional costs if you choose to have a professional help you get your screen replaced on your own, such as the cost of the screen and the repairman who comes to work on it. Therefore, you should be prepared to pay an extra $50 to $150 if you want to use the service. You should also keep in mind that the price of an LCD is going to be different from that of an LED.

LCD screen replacement

There are a lot of versions that you can see nowadays. As a general rule, you shouldn’t expect to spend more than $30 – $ 100 on a new display, but sometimes if it’s hard to locate a display that fits your particular laptop model, the cost may be higher.

LED screen replacement

The cost of LEDs tends to be more expensive than the cost of LCDs. It is estimated that a typical LED laptop computer display will cost between $50 and $200. There are a number of affordable MacBook models to choose from, ranging as low as $250 for the cheapest models, up to a maximum of $700 for the latest MacBook models.

Gathering Information Beforehand

Most laptops need replacement of their LCD every 5 to 7 years, so if your laptop is already older than that, it’s about time you learned how much does it cost to repair a laptop screen. If you still own the same device for more than 10 years, then believe me when I say that you’re a lucky person. The cost of the repair also depends on the type of the laptop and who will be doing the repairs.

If you’re not sure whether your laptop needs a new LCD or not, you can always bring it in for inspection and diagnosis. Screen replacement is usually one of the most common types of repairs so it’s best to be prepared and have an idea of how much it would cost you.

Types of Laptop Screens

There are essentially two types of laptop screens: the regular LCD and the LED-backlit LCD. The former is cheaper to manufacture but doesn’t last as long as the latter. The LED-backlit LCD, on the other hand, is more expensive but it also lasts longer.

The LED-backlit LCD is usually found in the more expensive laptops. If you have an older laptop and you’re looking to repair it, you might want to consider getting a new LCD screen that has LED backlighting. It’s definitely more expensive than the regular LCD, but you’ll be glad to know that it’s also more durable and reliable.

The Basic Price of a Laptop Screen Replacement

So, how much does it cost to replace the laptop screen? The price of the repair will depend on who is doing the repairs and where you’re taking your gadget. It can range from $60 to $200, but it’s always best to have a price range in mind so you won’t be caught off guard.

There are also some third-party companies that offer screen replacements for a fraction of the price. However, it’s important to note that these companies might not use original parts and the quality of their work may not be as good as the more expensive repair shops.

The cost of a laptop screen replacement will also depend on which part of the computer needs fixing, such as the motherboard or just the LCD screen itself. If there’s another component that’s broken and needs replacement, then you should consider getting your whole laptop repaired instead of just replacing its screen.

Laptop display repair costs by brand

You are now at the point of estimating the average cost. Wouldn’t it be more useful if the estimate was specific to your particular brand? The following is a quick look at all the major brands.

HP Laptop Display Repair Cost

There is no doubt that the HP laptop display is one of the most cost-effective and easy to find among all the other brands. With prices starting at $40, you can get screens for models that haven’t yet been completely phased out of the market. Depending on the model, some screens can cost up to $200.

Lenovo laptop display repair cost

On the market, Lenovo offers a wide variety of laptops, most of which still have LCD screens. It is possible to purchase expensive displays for $60, with up to $350 being demanded for the most expensive ones.

Asus laptop screen repair cost

The LCDs offered by this brand are more expensive than the LEDs, but most of them are available for only $40- $60. Sports LED models of good quality can cost as much as $200.

Dell laptop screen repair cost

Dell, another famous brand, provides a long list of products that are sure to keep its customers happy. This is especially true for Dell laptop displays. Available for a price of $45-$80, as opposed to some fashion shows which may be available at a high-end price of $250.

Acer laptop screen repair cost

With a variety of models to choose from, Acer laptop screens can be found for $50 (the lowest price). There are a number of models that can be purchased for under $100 while some models with high resolutions and large sizes can cost as much as $300.

Samsung laptop screen repair cost

Even though this global brand doesn’t have a solid reputation for its laptops, some of its products are quite popular, and so the demand for these displays is still a factor to take into account. The cost of a standard LED display will range between $60 and $200, depending on the brand you choose

Toshiba laptop screen replacement cost

It may not seem like Toshiba has a whole bunch of fashions like Acer, but it has a mix of LCD and LED displays that fall within the $60-$240 range.

MacBook Screen Repair Cost

Here you will find high price tags attached to the products. These can be found for a very affordable price, such as $60-70, which has been the price for earlier models. MacBook Pro and Air devices are now available in both standard and larger display sizes, and their pricing can range anywhere between $320 to $500 depending on the size of the screen. Apple is also planning on increasing the price of the screens on its new models in the coming months.

How to Save on the Repairs

1. DIY Screen Replacement – If you’re up for some upgrade and you know how to do it, then by all means go ahead! You can buy an LCD screen online or in your local hardware store but be sure that it matches the model of your laptop so you won’t have any problems with compatibility issues.

You can watch this YouTube video guide if you want to learn how to replace the laptop screen yourself. Just make sure that you wear protective eyewear, ground yourself by touching any metal objects, and always remember to disconnect your device before starting anything. Read all the instructions carefully and make sure you understand every single detail of the process.

2. Research the Replacement Prices – In order to have a price range in mind, you can check on some repair shops and get an estimate on how much it would cost to replace your laptop’s screen. You can also ask for recommendations from friends and family members who may know of any good stores that offer affordable rates for this type of service. There are a lot of online forums and communities where you can ask questions, too.

3. Get it Repaired on Warranty – If your laptop is still under warranty, then you should take advantage of that and get the repairs done for free or at a discounted price. You’ll have to contact your local service center and inquire about this. If you’re lucky, then it may even be free. However, note that some parts and components of your laptop might not be covered by the warranty.

4. Get a Third-Party Screen Replacement – There are many third-party companies that offer screen replacement services for much cheaper than the original manufacturers, so you can always consider checking them out. Just keep in mind that you might have a hard time finding a store if their products are not as popular as those manufactured by well-known companies.

FAQs ( Cost to Repair a Laptop Screen? )

Is it worth fixing a laptop screen?

It is generally recommended that laptop repairs do not exceed 25% of the initial purchase price, which is an excellent rule of thumb. The cost of repairing a broken screen on any item worth more than $500 does not need to exceed $125. It is pointless to spend anything more than that since you are not saving any time or money.

Can I fix a broken laptop screen?

The fact that your laptop’s screen is broken or about to die does not necessarily mean that it is a waste of money. The cost of replacing the screen on most laptops is about $80, and it will take you about an hour for a technician to come to your side. The cost of replacing a damaged laptop screen is between $150 and $300 for most computer repair shops. However, it is much easier to replace the screen yourself.

The Bottom Line

Laptop screen replacement may be expensive, but it’s definitely much cheaper than getting a new laptop or spending thousands of dollars for a brand new gadget. It’s always a good idea to do some research on your own and compare prices so you can get the best deal possible. If you’re comfortable with doing the repairs yourself, then go ahead and try it out – just make sure that you’re careful and you understand what you’re doing.

In any case, whether you decide to get the repair done by a professional or do it yourself, always remember to back up your data beforehand just in case something goes wrong. Have a safe and happy repair experience!

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