How to Fix Corrupted Data on PS4

How to Fix Corrupted Data on PS4? Data corruption on your Sony PlayStation 4 sounds awful, but it’s actually relatively easy to fix. If you get a ‘Corrupted data’ error message, don’t worry.

It is possible for files to malfunction in a variety of ways. It is possible for an installation to be incomplete or interrupted by another process. If you have a damaged game disc, it probably won’t install the game properly. Other times saving to file may run into an issue and corrupt the whole game file.

Corrupted data usually affects only the corresponding game or app. Therefore, reinstalling them should resolve the issue. However, there are rare instances where some essential data gets corrupted. If that’s the case, it’s more complicated.

There are a few ways to fix the ‘Corrupted data’ error in this article.

How to Know if Data is Corrupted on PS4

Sometimes the symptoms of corrupted data on your PS4 are more obvious, but they can also take other forms. If you receive a Corrupted Data error message, your data has been corrupted. There are times, however, when you’re experiencing a problem without an error code letting you know. Other signs to look for include:

  • A game is lagging or isn’t loading correctly. You’ve checked your internet connection and the disk isn’t scratched but you are still having problems.
  • Your PS4 is slow to move through menus or settings.
  • Your PS4 will not read a disk even though it isn’t scratched.

If you’re having problems with your system and you’ve already tried basic troubleshooting steps, it’s likely because you have corrupted data. Fortunately, the steps to correct the error are quite simple.

Locate and Remove Corrupted PS4 Game Files Manually

When you see a corrupted data error screen for saved game data or a downward zigzag icon on the game icon, the system identifies it as corrupt. The file is stored in a separate folder. The file can be manually removed with a few simple steps. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Enter “Settings.”
  2. Find the “System Storage Management” menu and go to “Saved Data.”
  3. Go to the “Media Player” folder.
  4. In the folder, you’ll see a “corrupt data” file.
  5. Hit the “Options” button.
  6. Select “Delete” to remove the corrupted file from your drive.

When you reopen the “Media player,” the corrupted file should not appear anymore. If the file is from a video game, try to reinstall it.

Manually Remove Downloaded File

If the file became corrupted while it was being downloaded, it would appear in your Downloads folder as a grayed-out broken square icon.

To fix this, you need to:

  1. Open the ‘Notifications’ menu on your home screen.
  2. Press the Options button and select Downloads.
  3. Find the corrupted file.
  4. Press ‘Options’ again.
  5. Delete the file.

Once you do it, try to download the file again.

Rebuild the PS4 Database

You can try the ‘Rebuild database’ process if none of the above problems apply. This will scan your whole PS4 system for bugs, glitches, and anything that isn’t working properly. Your drive won’t be erased, but corrupted files will be repaired.

To start this process:

  1. Turn off your PS4.
  2. Connect the controller to the PS4 via a USB port. (Bluetooth controllers don’t work in safe mode.)
  3. Hold the power button.
  4. It should beep twice before you release it.
  5. The PS4 will enter safe mode.
  6. Select the ‘Rebuild Database’ option. Usually, it is the 5th option in the safe mode menu.
  7. Wait until the process is complete.
  8. Turn on your console and check if the corrupted data still exists.

For Major Issues – Initialize PS4

If the above methods didn’t get rid of the corrupted files, or if the files keep appearing, you may have to wipe all your data and start from scratch.

Follow steps 1-5 from the previous section to enter safe mode. Instead of choosing ‘Rebuild database,’ you need to select ‘Initialize PS4’. It should be just below it.

All user-added data will be erased and the PS4 will be reset to its default settings. Ensure all relevant files are backed up to avoid data loss. When it’s done, all the corrupted and malfunctioning files should disappear from your drive.

Still, Having Issues with Corrupted Data?

If you’ve tried through all the methods above and still encounter corrupted data all the time, the problem may not be in the system.

Usually, this means that the game disc may be damaged, and you might have to get a new one. It’s possible that your hard drive may be to blame. There are two potential scenarios:

The Hard Drive Ran Out of Space

If you intend to use the PS4 for a long time, the hard drive built into the PlayStation 4 may not be large enough. Then you’ll have trouble updating, saving games, and installing new apps. Occasionally, the system cannot handle this by itself, resulting in corrupted files.

If your HDD is almost full, you should consider freeing up some space or upgrading to a larger disk.

The Hard Disk is Damaged

There are times when bad sectors can slip through the ‘Rebuild database,’ and you may need to try again. There may or may not be frequent corruption of data depending on the number and spread of bad sectors. Either you can live with it or you can replace the hard drive.


What causes data to become corrupted on the PS4?

Power outages are one of the most common causes of corrupted files on a PS4. Your PS4 may experience issues due to damaged files if the system isn’t properly shut down or if a power surge occurs.

Another reason you may have problems is that your PS4 failed to complete or properly install an update. If your system shut down or lost its internet connection during an update, you’ll likely experience issues related to corrupted files.

Other causes range from hardware failure to downloading corrupted files. Depending on the severity of the problem you may need to upgrade your hard drive or reach out to Sony for additional support.

How do I recover my data?

With a system restoration, you may be able to recover your data if you’ve reset your system to factory defaults. If you’ve backed up your content, you can follow these steps to recover data: Settings>System>Backup and Restore>Restore PS4 then, choose the files you’d like to retrieve and attempt to restore any lost data.

Fortunately, you can recover a lot of your saved progress and games by signing into your PlayStation account (or the corresponding account with your game such as Bethesda or Epic Games account).

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