A Complete List Of Genshin Impact Crimson Agate Locations With Maps

Crimson Agate can only be found by traversing the Dragonspire region in Genshin Impact. You’ll need to bundle up if you want to collect all 80 Adventure Items from their known locations.

Discover the locations of Crimson Agate and alternate ways to obtain this Precious Item, including Crimson Wishes and Secret Chests.

Genshin Impact Crimson Agate Locations

Before you explore Dragonspire, you may want to enable map markers for Crimson Agate on miHoYo’s interactive map. Many Crimson Agates are in hard-to-reach places, so this visual representation will make it easier to locate them.

The First Part (1-10)

Let’s start at the beginning, when most players discovered this new region, the Snow-Covered Path. While following the “Lost in the Snow” World Quest, players encountered the new area and Sheer Cold weather mechanic.

You need special food to reduce the debuff Sheer Cold rate or collect Scarlet Quartz to keep warm if you haven’t yet encountered or completed the quest. The Warming Bottle gadget can also be used by veterans of Dragonspire to reduce the cold effects of this region.

Here’s where you can find Crimson Agate once you’re prepared:

  • On the right side of the Frostbearing tree.
  • An eagle hovers over a tree.
  • Atop the small mountain.
  • Turn right from the last Agate’s position and glide to the next.
  • To access the chest hidden in a hut, clear the mobs here.
  • Easily spotted in the circle, near the statue of the seven.
  • To drain the pool where the chest is located, you must beat the floating mech.
  • Enter the cave from the statue of seven, turn right, break the stone, or enter from the other side.
  • Just glide through it from the teleporter.
  • From the top of the mountain northeast of the teleporter, you can fly.

The Second Part (11-20)

  • It’s just north of the last one. Break the ice with the Scarlet nearby.
  • You can simply glide down from the teleporter to get there.
  • Glider to the dragon’s skull where the Agate is located, then start again from the teleporter.
  • Just northeast of the teleporter, in plain sight. Once you collect the 3 Anemograna, everything will be fine.
  • To jump and glide to this mountain, you can create a wind current with three Anemograna on the lake.
  • To unlock the chest containing the Agate, destroy all Fatui Emissaries.
  • You can grab the Scarlet here, then climb the mountain west of the teleporter to find the frozen Agate.
  • Directly above the teleporter. Continue climbing from the last one and glide to the next one.
  • You have to beat some big boys to get this one, as it’s locked behind a puzzle. You’ll need a CRYO user for this.
  • Sitting just below the arena on the tip of an icicle. Once you beat the big boys, it becomes accessible.

The Third Part (21-30)

  • Located west of the Arena in the chest reward after solving the pressure puzzle.
  • Here’s your chance to show off your hotshots. Agate will be in the reward chest if you beat the time trial here.
  • Just glide down from above two trees, west of the time trial arena.
  • To get the Agate from the chest, kill the Hilichurl Mobs here.
  • To loot the Agate, kill the Frostarm Lawachurl.
  • Drain the pool containing the 1st crimson Agate hidden behind rubble by activating the 4 Cryo Totems.
  • In order to get the second Crimson Agate, use the Scarlet to break the ice with hidden mechanisms.
  • On top of the mountain, in plain sight. Take advantage of the campfire to rest a bit.
  • To get the previous chest where the Agate is, beat the BIG BOYS HYDRO and ELECTRO FATUIS.
  • To get the previous chest with Agate, you must beat the time trial wind gliding challenge.

The Fourth Part (31-41)

  • Just north of the last time trial challenge.
  • Loot the luxurious chest with Agate by beating the Frostarm Lawachurl.
  • In between two frost Hilichurls.
  • On the west side of the mountain, just climb to the top.
  • The chest containing the Agate is locked behind two puzzles and a ruin boss fight.
  • The Seelie puzzle is located high in the air south of the 3 warming Seelie puzzles. To reach it, you must climb up a mountain and glide down.
  • Right next to the waypoint in the middle of the circle structure.
  • There is an Agate on top of the mountain south-east of the teleporter.
  • From the Teleporter, you can glide down to reach the chest with Agate outside the barrier.
  • Two Agates are found here, one is in the chest from defeating Frostarm, the other is on top of a C Hut.

The Fifth Part (42-50)

  • Archways on top of the ruins. To get it, you can easily climb up.
  • Atop a mountain. By gliding from the nearest teleporter, you can easily reach it.
  • The chest is inside a Hilichurl. Enemies guard the hut. To get it, you must clear them.
  • The southernmost part of the island. Unlock the chest by beating the ruin grader.
  • Near the teleporter, floating above the sea. You can reach it by swimming and using ice blocks.
  • North of the teleporter, on top of a tree.
  • It is necessary to light the fire in such a way that the Seelie make contact with the locked Pillar in order to solve the puzzle.
  • The chest with Agate can be unlocked by collecting 3 Ragged Records.
  • You can glide from the statue of the seven or from the ledge near the secret room while hovering in the air.

The Sixth Part (51-60)

  • Atop a mountain. To get it, climb from the secret room.
  • Above the cave, floating. The nearest teleporter or secret room can take you there.
  • Near the frozen Piggies, on top of the tall rock. From the teleporter or secret room, glide.
  • The 3 chilling boars must be thawed to spawn the great Snowboar King, which must be defeated to get the chest that contains the Agate.
  • With Agate, beat the Hilichurls to unlock the chest.
  • Over water, inside a tunnel. Near the last one, this is located.
  • Fly up and grab the Agate or glide from the statue of the seven by collecting 3 Anemograna.
  • Use the Scarlet at the edge of the cliff to the south of Daduapa Gorge to open the Lux Chest.
  • Under an ice bridge, floating. Reach it by gliding down.
  • Once again, floating beneath an ice bridge. Reach it by gliding down.

The Seventh Part (61-65)

  • Located in the middle of the broken Central Pillar. From the nearest Teleporter, you can easily glide.
  • There are two Agates here. The first is underneath an ice block, just step over it.
  • The second one is in the chest reward after you complete the challenge.
  • Ascend the summit edge. The Anemograna can help you get there.
  • The secret room is locked behind a quest where you need to find all three secret boxes.

The Eighth Part (66-70)

  • You’ll see it once you’ve made progress on the “Mountain Quest” after breaking the winds that block your progress.
  • A broken pillar [in Mountain World Quest progress needed] is in plain sight.
  • Atop a leaning pillar [In the Mountain World Quest].
  • For the chest behind the cage where the Agate is, break the ice lump nearby using quartz to activate the 2 switches.
  • After killing the Big Boy Lawachurl, it’s easy to spot.

The Ninth Part (71-79)

  • On top of the Broken Tower. From the last one, just a bit west.
  • Floating high in the air. You can either climb the mountain or use the Anemo wind rings near the last one.
  • On top of a broken circular tower.
  • Just east of the last Agate, in a chest. It’s just a matter of climbing up.
  • At the top of the mountain. From the last Agate’s position, continue climbing up.
  • I’m assuming you’ve unlocked the domain completely. Activate the Anemo Monument.
  • From unlocking the domain, you can find agate in a chest reward.
  • Only after activating the 8 stone tablets [Ancient Carvings] can you obtain this Agate.
  • On the south side of the mountain, hovering in the air. You can easily get it by gliding down from here.

Final Part (80)

  1. Both Crimson Agates are hidden in a secret chest in a cave next to a tent. Additionally, you will obtain the “Untellable Tale” hidden achievement.

A Word About Crimson Wishes

The Crimson Wish system can be activated by cultivating the Frostbearing Tree to level eight. Upon doing so, you’ll receive Crimson Wishes. Unlike Daily Commissions, these Wishes yield a single Crimson Agate per task when completed.

Sadly, they only reset every Monday and Friday. They’re a great way to supplement your Crimson Agate supply, but you can’t farm them every day.

The Crimson Agate Treasure Hunt

If you comb the region methodically, it’s easier than you think to find every Crimson Agate. You can mark off locations you’ve already visited on the interactive map, simplifying your search even further.

Can you tell me how long it took you to collect all 80 Crimson Agates? Have you used the Crimson Wish system? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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